Disney’s All Star Sports Resort

Earlier this month, I spent a week at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort. This hotel is categorized as a Value Resort. Since my husband and I spend most of our time at the parks or out and about, we always stay at Disney Value Resorts when we come to Orlando. This was our first time staying at one of the three All Star Resorts and since I’m a big sports fan, my choice was not even a question.

From the minute we got off Disney’s Magical Express bus from MCO and “walked” the red carpet into the hotel lobby, we were in a sports lover’s dream!   The bus literally stopped right in front of the red carpet! Fun!!!

Once inside the lobby, the check-in desks are on the right and the concierge on the left. The first thing we noticed was the giant tv screen over the check-in area featuring ESPN’s SportsCenter. Coincidentally, monitors are also above the cash wrap in the hotel’s gift shop. There you can also find SportsCenter as well as a handful of live games being aired on ESPN. Anyway, back to check-in, there was a slight line so a member of the concierge immediately came over to us and took us over to the other side. But wait it gets better! It turns out we were reserved into a room with 2 double beds. Being just a couple, we preferred a room with 1 King bed. So we asked. The concierge attendant immediately got on the phone with his Operations person and switched us to a King. Voila! Once we got to our room, we noticed that it had a wheelchair accessible bathroom including a floor level tub. Well, not wanting to take this room from someone who may need it, we got on the phone and requested a King with a non-wheelchair accessible bathroom. It turns out all the Kings at All Star Sports were wheelchair accessible but some had regular bathtubs which is what we wanted. We requested another room change and within 10 minutes, a bellhop was in our room with new Keys to the World and a luggage cart to assist us! We finally arrived at our home for the week with smiles on our faces:) This entire process had taken less than 30 minutes thanks to Disney’s stellar service.

We were located in the TouchDown or football section of the Resort. Check out some pictures of the entryway. This section was also right next to the Food Court and main lobby. Convenient!

Overall, our stay was great and we had the same basic amenities as any other Disney Resort. We took advantage of the Disney Transportation System. Now about 95% of our buses were dedicated to All Star Sports. We typically left the hotel mid-late morning and came back late at night. The exception is that the Downtown Disney and the water park buses always appeared to stop at all 3 All Star Resorts. The only anomaly here is 2 mornings in a row at roughly the same time, we went to EPCOT. The 1st morning the bus stopped at all 3 Resorts. The 2nd morning it did not. So, I cannot figure this out:) If you are thinking about an All Star Resort, the All Star Sports is 1st on the bus run! Then Music then Movies. Again, I cannot figure out a pattern here but all 4 theme parks had dedicated bus stops for each Resort.

I also enjoy having a souvenir shop on-site as well as an arcade. Each All Star Resort also shows a Disney movie poolside each night. A great way to cool off from the Florida heat and humidity. So if you don’t like the movie being shown at your home Resort, you can go to one of the other 2. A schedule for the week for all 3 Resorts will be given to you at check-in. There is no fitness center at the Disney Value Resorts but there is a jogging/walking trail between the 3 All Star Resorts. Something we did not do was take advantage of the Food Courts in the other 2 Resorts. I encourage you to do so as I always enjoy exploring other Disney Resorts. There is also a McDonald’s within walking distance of the front gate of the All Star Resorts. It is closest to All Star Sports.

One other note, I had to fax an important document towards the end of our week. However, I needed to print it first. So the nearest business center to All Star Sports was at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. To get there, I took a bus to Blizzard Beach and then took another bus to Coronado Springs, a wonderful Moderate Resort. When I finished, I ended up riding over to Downtown Disney and then heading back to my Resort from there. I could have sent the fax from my Resort but I needed to use the computer to print first which I couldn’t do at my Resort. So, I took the extra time to travel and explore a little:)

Here are some other pictures from my wonderful week at All Star Sports.


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